What We Do

At i2, we solve problems. We analyse, we think, we come up with ideas and help you deliver real life answers that work for your business

What We Do

Marketing Communications

Marketing communications are the messages and the promotional tools you use to communicate with your customers. A one-off advert or a random mail shot will not result in increased sales for your business.

Only a well-planned, well co-ordinated range of promotional activities, using a mix of traditional marketing, digital, PR, sales and/or social media tools will effectively build recognition and credibility for your business and your brand.

We can manage all or some aspects of your marketing communications, including anything from campaigns and one-off projects, to launch events and on-going marketing and sales supports.

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Project & Event Management

At i2, we’re well recognised for offering smooth and meticulous management of events and projects. We look after all aspects including creation of a brand identity for your initiative; promotion and recruitment of participants; provision of professional and technical supports; action planning, effective management and reporting.

Most of all we want you to relax in full knowledge that we’ve taken care of every detail.

Buying events are what we do best. As Ireland’s leading organiser of Meet the Buyer events, we have an unrivalled track record at putting suppliers and buyers face to face to do what they do best – business!

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Design & Branding

At i2, we believe that your brand stretches far beyond your company logo or a few adverts in the local press.  It extends to your business’s core values and to every interaction you have with customers and supplier; it creates and maintains your reputation and reflects your customers’ experience of your organisation.

Your brand is what you are really selling to your customers, not just a product or service.  In essence, your brand is your business – we’ll work with you to make Your Brand our Business.

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Sales & Market Entry

At i2, we make a very clear distinction between sales and marketing; we understand that nice branding and fancy promotional materials are of limited use if they’re not appropriate to your target customers or markets. So, whether you’re just beginning to grow your business or you already have a thriving business, i2 has the hands-on experience and expertise to help grow your sales.

To achieve consistent sales growth we work with your company to create a clear sales action plan that is focused on generating quality sales leads. We do this by gaining an in-depth understanding of your customer needs and focusing on the growing sectors or geographical areas where your business is most profitable. We segment your customers, identify the most profitable ones, and work with you to effectively target them using a combination of direct mail, tele-sales and field sales.

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