About i2

We’re pretty good at what we do but aren’t big on blowing our own trumpet. For us, it’s all about your business, not ours!

In an era where business must differentiate or die, those organisations that include customer research, creative design and marketing over a sustained period of time to build their brands are best positioned to grow their business.

Who We Are

We’re a team of highly experienced marketing and design practitioners that operates on the principle that strong brands build strong businesses.

Our expertise lies in the creation of practical marketing solutions to help you grow your business: from gathering data, to planning, to developing creative briefs and execution.

At i2, we solve problems. We analyse, we think, we come up with ideas and help you deliver real life answers that work for your business.

Our Approach

We offer a unique, creative approach to business development that is focused on working in partnership with our clients to successfully deliver results.

We get to know your own business, how it operates and the direction you want it to go. It’s our job to learn about the challenges you face and the goals you wish to achieve, before using our experience and expertise in ‘brand’, ‘marketing’, and ‘sales’ to deliver results, and we use great ideas and creative flair to do it.


It’s this hands-on experience that makes us unique and means we’ll always give you practical solutions that work in the real world.

In the end, we think that business comes down to people and relationships. We like meeting new people, working on tough projects and tackling thorny issues. If you’d like to meet us to talk about the challenges you face, please get in touch.

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