Marketing Communications

Marketing communications are the messages and the promotional tools you use to communicate with your customers …

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Project & Event Management

At i2, we’re well recognised for offering smooth and meticulous management of events and projects …

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Design & Branding

At i2, we believe that your brand stretches far beyond your company logo or a few adverts in the local press.  It extends to your business’s core values…

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Sales & Market Entry

At i2, we make a very clear distinction between sales and marketing; we understand that nice branding and fancy promotional materials are of limited use if they’re not appropriate to your target customers or markets …

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Who We Are

We’re a team of highly experienced marketing and design practitioners that operates on the principle that strong brands build strong businesses.

All of our team has extensive experience across a wide range of business sectors. We understand the real world and how it works.

We’re pretty good at what we do but aren’t big on blowing our own trumpet. For us, it’s all about your business, not ours!

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